GRTC Presidents Letter 6.1.17


                Summer running looks like it is now in full swing. The Lilac 10K is behind us and was a great event last month on a cool May morning. GRTC under Wilt Alston again provided the volunteers and road marshals as in the past. Thanks to all those from the club who helped make this a memorable event. The annual spring track clinic is at a halfway point and will culminate with the RROY McMullen mile on 6/9/17. If you are not a clinic participant, still sign up today to run the event and support the club on a true track event night. If you have never run a mile race before, come to the stadium at St. John Fisher College 6/9/17 and see what it’s all about, and how much fun it can be. And don’t miss the other June RROY race, the Medved 5K to cure ALS on 6/18 at Frontier Field. Find these events and many more local races on the calendar on our web site. And check out there the details on our bus for the Boilermaker race in Utica on 7/9/17. Taking the bus there is getting to be a tradition for many. These varied offerings certainly give different options for different people.

                How different we runners really are came to mind as I recently reviewed the responses to Vickey Beaver’s newsletter questionnaire this past spring. It highlighted how eclectic we really all are. GRTC members really come to our sport of running from a variety of perspectives. We are of all ages and speeds, with interests in different distances and different types of events. Some people come to compete and some just to enjoy being out on the road with friends. Some come for the social aspects, some for fitness and some for the trophies. The common theme however seems to be community. Getting together with others who share our passion for running binds us together. Trading stories, training tips, suggestions of new routes and just being together is the glue that makes all this work.

                Looking at the “big picture” the role (and goal) of GRTC is to facilitate that community. We provide races, training clinics, and a robust website listing events. We strive to provide a forum for people to express their thoughts and ideas. To do all this we need to maintain a core of people who share the vision of building the running community in our area. If you share this vision, consider volunteering (as many of you do) for one of our numerous racing events. We will be needing volunteers for the Candlelight 12 ultra run on 7/22 and for the Canlake 50 mile race on 10/7. And of course we are always looking for volunteers for our freezeroo series in the winter. There is certainly opportunity to help with the new newsletter under Vickey Beaver. We are also looking for those interested in a position on our board for the coming year, for a variety of functions. If you would like to get more involved with the club and “give back” to the fine running community we have here in our area, let me know. We will try to find a place for everyone. And don't for get to renew your GRTC membership here on the website or on the link below.  Meanwhile, get outside and enjoy the summer weather we have all been waiting for. You will be glad you did. 


Doug Jones    (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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DougJonesSee you out on the road.
Doug Jones
President GRTC