Friday night 6/10, try out a mile competition on the track at St. John Fisher college. This race is co-sponsored by GRTC and the Genesee Valley Harriers. Again, if you have never competed in a mile race, this is a fun and rewarding experience. The race plans on attracting national class runners to the Rochester area, but is for everyone at all levels. Competitors will run in heats based on expected pace, so you will be grouped with people of your pace zone. Besides running in one's own race, getting a chance also to see some of the best local runners compete at this distance is a treat. If you have never tried or have felt intimidated by this distance before, you won't be disappointed.


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As in the past we will also have a run for kids under age 14 for free. A “Sub 4” for the youngest runners, if they choose, meaning it can be less than 4 laps. We will have a High School Mile for boys and girls, then adult “heats” based upon “seed” times. Heats will start with those 10 minutes or more and progressing to the Elite Women’s and Men’s heats.


Again, we have attempted to attract several Sub 4 minute milers and we’re optimistic we have a talented field that may produce Rochester’s first Sub 4 minute mile in the area. This will be exciting for participants and spectators to witness. We expect people will love to watch the Elite races under the lights at St. John Fisher College Track. Hope you will be joining us 6.10.16. Come out and "show the flag" for GRTC  at the premier track running event to the year.