GRTC Spring Track Clinics & Workouts
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Don't miss out on a great training value!  Do you want to improve your race times, learn HOW to train for best effect, get personal coaching by experts, learn how to race a mile on the track for the RROY Charlie McMullen Mile?  Then, you need to sign up for the GRTC Spring Track Clinics and Workouts which will begin April 24th.  This is a great opportunity to be coached by two GRTC Hall of Fame members: Mike Reif and Carolyn Smith-Hanna!

By: Doug Jones 


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April 24th at Nazareth College will be the first evening for this year’s GRTC track workout clinic. Now in its 25th year, the track clinic is one of the best benefits that your GRTC membership affords you, and a rewarding and enjoyable time to spend with other runners. Under the coaching of Mike Reif, (2004 GRTC Hall of Fame member and coach of the Genesee Valley Harriers) and Carolyn Smith-Hanna (2002 GRTC Hall of Fame Member and age group World Record Holder in the Mile) this is a chance for runners of all levels to learn the training techniques and principles to improve their running and get more enjoyment out of our sport. 

Meeting at Nazareth College weekly on Wednesday nights at 5:45 PM, each session includes a half hour instructional presentation on training principles, injury prevention, nutrition, stretching and other topics that we all need to know and often refresh on. This is followed by a half hour of group stretching and exercises. Then the track workout schedule itself takes place for the remaining hour. Each participant will work with the coaches to develop a workout schedule tailored to their own fitness level and running speed. The program includes setting up a schedule of runs (and rest!) to do on one's own through the week based again on the individual's own level. Over the eight-session schedule, one can expect to improve their running and most importantly learn the principles to continue throughout the year to meet one's running goals.

The track clinic is really for everyone at every level and includes seasoned regulars who come each year, fast runners, middle of the pack runners and, importantly, new runners who are just starting our sport and want to learn how to train, run well and run injury free. It is perhaps the new runners who in fact can benefit the most and who in the past have enjoyed the clinics the best. Here are some quotes from past attendees: “Learning tons!  Each week I learned so much and have changed my running”; “I need to learn to run differently as I age.  As goals change with age, training and running knowledge need to adapt”; “Excellent topics, very supportive atmosphere”; “I know I am a much more informed and confident runner“. 

And most important of all, this is fun! Perhaps the best fun your can have for just $45 for the whole series for members and $65 for non-members (includes GRTC membership). The track clinic is a great opportunity for runners of all levels, all ages and with all distance goals (from casual running to marathons) to meet new people, strike up new friendships and find individuals at similar levels to run with. I have made some great and long lasting friendships through the track clinics and hope that all of you can do that too. For the seasoned veterans, welcome back this year. If you have never come, don't miss out on one of the best benefits your GRTC membership provides. Hope to see you there this year. 

For information contact: Doug Jones at email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location: Nazareth College Track Facility

 Wk      Date
   1    April 24 - Running – What’s this all about?
   2    May 1 - Ways to train for maximum benefit
   3    May 8 - RunSmart – how we run.
   4    May 15 - Fueling your engine
   5    May 22 - How do I reach my goal
   6    May 29 - Adventures in Running . . . getting outside your comfort zone
   7    June 5 - Avoid the injuries – do things right
   7    June 7 - How fast can I run a mile? The McMullen Mile