Final Newsletter Column

menu-spacer.pngTransition Zone – The Final Column

The Eclectic Runner column has appeared in every issue of the GRTC Newsletter since the January - February 2003 issue when I wrote a brief piece about running books for winter reading. In every issue that followed I shared something about running and racing.  The content varied from month to month, hence the title.

Now with the completion of an eleventh lap around the sun, it is time to end this leg of the race and transition to other challenges.  This will be my final column under the title The Eclectic Runner to appear in the GRTC Newsletter.

I will continue to status the running community on two continuing projects of personal interest:

1.     Trail News and Advocacy – I will submit articles and Facebook posts to keep the community informed of new trail projects, trail maintenance and trail conditions. 

2.      Club History / Newsletter archive – I plan to complete scanning and posting all available back issues of the GRTC Newsletter in 2014. I still have the years 1994 through 2006 to complete this multi-year project.  I will contribute interesting historical nuggets from the archive as periodic Blast from the Past submissions to the Newsletter. 

Now, back to The Eclectic Runner column which is already in progress…