2013 Goals and Progress - Final Report

menu-spacer.pngJanuary 2014 - Final Report on 2013 Running & Cycling Goals

Recurring episodes of lower back pain in 2012 stopped me from being able to train consistently and ended my 1974-2011 streak of running at least one marathon or ultra each year.  Without the demands of training to complete a marathon, the goals I set for 2013 were modest.  Unfortunately, even the modest goals I had for running proved to be beyond my diminished capacity (as noted below in italics):

1.     Manage my chronic overuse injuries (lower back pain and rigid big toe) well enough to continue running and cycling.  Both the back and big toe limited my running, especially in the second half of the year.

2.     Run at least 600 miles during 2013 (same as 2012).  With limited running in the 2H 2013, I totaled only 454 miles run.

3.     Ride at least 3000 miles during 2013 (up 400 miles from 2012).  With limited cycling in 4Q 2013, I roughly equalled 2012 with 2672 miles cycled. 

4.     Qualify for the RROY Consistent Participant drawing by finishing at least six RROY races.  My fifth and last race of 2013 was the July 4th Sodus Point 5K.  After that race my back precluded training enough to race at any distance.

5.     Complete the final 160 miles of the Canal Trail End to End.  Completed on August 13-14.  Great fun.  Final miles of day 2 were a bit of a struggle but, on the whole, very satisfying to complete 80 miles on each day.  Looking forward to new cycling adventures in 2014.

6.     Complete at least one 100-mile bike ride.  Completed easily on July 27th.  Think it may be possible to do a 200K ride in 2014.

In July I wrote about the management of my chronic injuries.  Through July I was able to run enough to be slightly ahead of pace to complete 600 miles for 2013.  I finished five of the six RROY races I needed to qualify for the Consistent Participant drawing.  That changed after July.  Both my lower back pain and arthritic pain in the big toe kept coming back whenever I ramped up to running more than two days a week or more than 10-12 miles per week total.

On a much more positive note, I was able to cycle as much as time and energy permitted without triggering pain in either the back or toe.  After completing the final section of the Erie Canalway End to End, I spent more time directing the October 12th Can Lake 50 Ultras than I did cycling.  And after putting the Can Lake race to bed, I took more time off than I did cycling.  Hence the soft failure to make the 3000 mile goal.

Tom Perry - January 30, 2014