Ultramarathon Record Set

Charles Smith from Ontario, Canada, completed 74 laps of the North Ponds Park loop in 12 hours, and in doing so he not only achieved the overall win for the 2016 edition of the Mind the Ducks 12 Hour Race, but also earned an Association of Canadian Ultramarathoners age group record. Charles' 120.524 km (74 miles 1566 yards) eclipsed the previous M55 12 Hour record of 116.800 km (72 miles 1014 yards) which had stood since 2010.


In the accompanying photo of Charles, the winning male team of Dan Ward and Jason McElwain (the Bagel Team) can be seen in the background. Dan Ward finished second overall in the race, with 73.876 miles, just one lap behind Charles.


For more results and info on the Mind the Ducks race, see http://mtd12hour.org/ and the Mind the Ducks Photo Album on the GRTC Facebook Page,