Running Around Rochester

Since 1958

GRTC – The Organization

has approximately 380 members as of 2023, consisting of runners, walkers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts, encompassing an eight-county region.

Freezeroo Series

A series of six winter races directed by GRTC, with the assistance of some of the local informal running groups.

RROY Series

The goal of the RROY Series is to recognize the top runners in Rochester area races, promote racing, and help build participation in area races

GRTC Ultras

A long-distance running race that is longer than a traditional marathon.


Track Clinic

Don’t miss out on a great training value. Sign up for the GRTC Spring Track Clinics and Workouts.

President’s Message

President’s Letter 10/1/2023

GRTC PRESIDENT’S LETTER 10.1.23 Fall is officially upon us now and frighteningly some leaves are starting to change. It is still great running weather though. The new GRTC summer running clinic has now been going full blast Monday nights at the Roberts Wesleyan...


RROY Race Rankings after the Potato Run 10K 2023

Hello!  These are your Rochester Runner of the Year rankings for 2023 through the Potato Run.  There are 3 races left at this point, the next being the Scare Brain Cancer 5K on this Saturday.  Scoring is being done differently this year, and is similar to Freezeroo...