Board of Directors

Board of Directors, 2024


Vickey Beaver, President, BOD Term Ends 1/31/2026
Martha Doody, Vice President, BOD Term Ends 1/31/2027
Jim Moragne, Treasurer, BOD Term Ends 1/31/2025
Jennifer Gaudino, Secretary, BOD Term Ends 1/31/2025


Greg Brooks, BOD Term Ends 1/31/2026
Doug Jones, Immediate Past President, BOD Term Ends 1/31/2026
Kelly Nash, BOD Term Ends 1/31/2027
Tina Pellegrin, BOD Term Ends 1/31/2027
Rachel Della Pietra, BOD Term Ends 1/31/2026
Egils (Gil) Robs, BOD Term Ends 1/31/2025
Christina (Tina) Ruhland, BOD Term Ends 1/31/2027
*Vacant, BOD Term Ends 1/31/2025

*If the Nominating Committee were to receive a nomination during 2024, an appointment for filling the remainder of this vacated term would be considered. Otherwise, the unfilled position will come up for election as a 3-year term to serve 2/1/2025 to 1/31/2028 with all other terms ending 1/31/2025.