Equipment Rental

Since 1958

Race Equipment Rental

The equipment below is available from the GRTC for all Rochester, NY area race directors. Email to reserve your race equipment.

  • Ultrak L10 Lane Timer $50/event (description below) RACECLOCK Digital Finish Line Clock $75/event (description below)
  • 50 Bright Orange 18″ Traffic Cones and 36 Course Marshall Flags $25/event – keep runners pointed in the right direction along your course.Mile Marker Signs on Stakes, 5 Gallon Water Cooler, Portable Megaphone all for $10/event
  • Combo Savings #1 – Ultrak Timer + RaceClock $110/event
  • Combo Savings #2 – Rent all equipment listed for $135/event **Any race that provides GRTC members a $3 pre-registration discount can rent the Ultrak Timer + RaceClock for a discounted fee of $75 OR just the RaceClock for $50


Equipment Descriptions

RACECLOCK: Super-bright 6” tall red LED five digit (9:59.59), double-sided model. The RACECLOCK is self-contained and operates from internal rechargeable batteries. With a fully charged battery, the clock will operate up to 10 hours or more. The RACECLOCK is housed in a rugged, weather-resistant, tamper-proof case, for a lifetime of reliable service. These clocks are not designed to be “rain-proof” and must be covered with a clear poly bag or other means of protection during inclement weather. These models have a rugged aluminum case and include a carrying handle, built-in keypad for selecting timing modes, time-of-day and preset times. A battery charger is included with plug-in power cord and charge indicator.

Ultrak L10 Lane Timer: The Ultrak L10 can be used to time track races with up to 10 lanes as well as road races (cross country, 10K’s, marathons, etc.) with up to 8,000 participants. A linkgate is provided which connects the ten-lane buttons to a separate unit, eliminating tangled wires to the lane timer itself. Four digit bib numbers can be pre-assigned to lanes in track mode and entered at the finish for road races. Data can be uploaded to a PC or printed out during or after an event for later review.