November 20, 2021 all-day
Budd Park in Shortsville, NY

The 3rd annual GRTC Bound for the Hounds 6-hour Ultra will be on 11/20/21 at Budd Park in Shortsville. This will be the final race of the GRTC 4 ultra-distance offerings for 2021. In the model of Candlelight12 and Mind the Ducks, participants will run as many 2.3 mile loops on the Manchester Gateway Trail (surface comparable to the canal path) as you can in 6 hours. Organized by Martha Doody with proceeds supporting the Shortsville dog park, this beautiful course in rural Shortsville is a great way to finish up your ultra-race season. If you have never done an ultra, this is also a great chance to try a longer distance in a controlled environment. You WILL be surprised how much fun this is. HOW fast and HOW far you go is entirely up to YOU. You’ll be in sight of other runners at EVERY point. You CAN’T get lost. And there IS a bathroom and fully stocked aid station every 2.3 miles! Guaranteed!! You won’t regret it. Sign up today https://runsignup.com/Race/NY/Shortsville/3rdAnnualBoundfortheHounds6HourUltra..