Erie Canal

Distances extracted from New York State Erie Canal Heritage Trail – Orleans & Monroe County, published by the US Dept. of Interior – National Park Service.

Table starts on the Orleans / Monroe county line (west side of county).

Canal Access PointDistance (miles) from Previous Access Point
Brockport - Holly Rd.0
Redman Rd.1.56
Main St. - Brockport1.54
Favette St.0.17
Harverster Park0.14
Sweden Walker Rd.2.3
Gallup Rd.1.37
Washington St.1.07
Martha St.2.73
Union St.0.2
Big Ridge Rd.2.29
Greece Canal Park1.27
Elmgrove Rd.0.07
Long Pond rd.1.71
Trolley Blvd.1.1
Lee Rd.0.18
Lyell Rd.0.57
Buffalo Rd.1.05
Chili Ave.0.73
Brooks Ave.0.76
Scottsville Rd.0.84
Genessee Valley Park - West0.15
Genessee Valley Park -East0.14
Kendrick Dr.0.53
West Henrietta Rd.0.52
East Henrietta Rd.0.4
Brighton Town Park0.39
Clinton Ave.0.55
Winton Rd.1.02
Edgewood Ave. (Lock 33)0.65
Clover St. (Lock 32)1.29
Monroe Ave.1.15
Main St. - Pittsford0.38
State St. - Pittsford0.27
Mitchell Rd.0.51
Marsh Rd.0.61
Pittsford town Park0.38
Burgundy Basin Inn0.99
Marsh Rd.0.13
Pittsford Palmyra Rd.1.14
Ayrault Rd.0.66
Fairport Rd.1.52
Route 2500.84
State St. - Fairport0.31
Turk Hill Rd.0.25