Freezero Series Rules & Scoring

You MUST register for the Series at YOUR first race, AND run 4 out of the 6 races to qualify for series awards. Your best four races will determine your standing. Your age on Jan 1st determines your age group. The series scoring system is changed to a system that rewards outstanding performances and avoids ties. All men will be scored based on the performance of the overall male winner; all women will be scored based on the performance of the overall female winner. The male and female winners will be awarded the maximum score of 100 points. Other finishers in each category are awarded points proportional their performance. The male or female winning time will be divided by the finisher’s time and that decimal value will be multiplied by 100.

For example, if the overall female winner completes the 8-mile Valentines Day race in 60 minutes and the first woman in the 50-54 age group finishes in 80 minutes:

  • The first overall woman is awarded (60/60 x 100) = 100 points.
  • The first 50-54 age group woman is awarded (60/80 x 100) = 75 points.

Early Start Option at Longer Races

A 20-minute Early Start Option will be available at the five longer races, i.e., all except the Don Curran 5K. If you expect to average over 10:30 per mile, please consider taking an Early Start. [If you will run faster than 10:30 per mile, please take the regular 10:00am start.]

Early Start Procedure:

  • Pick up your timing chip and report to the Race Start location at 9:35am.
  • Give your Bib Number and Name to the GRTC Official at the Start.
  • The GRTC Official will start you at 9:40am.

Note: Your official finish time will include the extra time and you will still be eligible for series points and awards.