Welcome to 2022. Hope everyone has once again had a really great holiday season. Life and COVID continue to present their challenges for all of us, but one can only move forward and hope for the best in the upcoming new year. In that regard, the New Year has started out well for GRTC with a successful New Year’s Resolution Run in Mendon Ponds. Our flagship Freezeroo race took place on a balmy 47° day. Our 221 finishers had an excellent run, followed by plenty of good food and conversation. And special thanks to all the many volunteers who remain essential to making this kind of event happen. The New Year’s Resolution race remains a great way to ring in the new running year each January first.
If you missed the New Year’s Resolution race though due to holiday travel and commitments (we won’t bring up hangovers) remember that we have two more races for you to run and enjoy in January. Whether you are an “Eastsider” or “Westsider,” we have you covered. Just ahead on 1/8 on the west side we have the Pineway Ponds 5mile race in Spencerport. This has been a favorite for years and is run out of Pineway Ponds Park’s Boetcher Lodge. Then on 1/22 on the east side we have the Hearnish 5-mile race in Victor. Run out of Victor Municipal Park on Papparone Drive, this has become a new favorite of many in the last few years. Details for both races and the rest of the Freezeroo series can be found on our website, and signup links for the Freezeroo races and GRTC membership (to get discounted rates) are below.
The Freezeroo remains one of the longest established values of GRTC membership and a favorite of individuals and the running community. It is definitely an important way to keep us all running together and connected through the long upstate New York winter. And it’s still not too late to sign up for the series (scoring is of the 4 fastest races). Series awards will be given out at the White House Race on 2/19/22. Come out to enjoy the races themselves and get on the podium at the White House run in February.
And if you are not up for the run, but would like to enjoy the fun, we DO still need a few road marshals and volunteers for all the upcoming Freezeroo races. Please let us know right away if you can help with any of the remaining Freezeroo races listed below. ( Volunteer support of GRTC events is always crucial to making them successful and available to everyone.
Remaining Freezeroo Series Races 2021-2022
1/8/22 Pineway Ponds 5-mile race from Pineway Ponds Park in Spencerport
1/22/22 Hearnish 5-mile race from Victor Municipal Park
2/5/22. Valentines 8-mile race from Braddock Bay Park (9:00 AM START!)
2/19/22. White House 4.4-mile race from Webster Park
Again, the winter is coming but so are great running events and activities. Come out for the Freezeroo, this year. Come discover the true joy of running in the upstate New York winter. And as always, if you want to continue to have opportunities for running in the Rochester region, come join (or renew your membership in) GRTC. We have a place for you. A modest $20 yearly membership goes a long way to keeping our sport vibrant and maintaining running events and opportunities for all. See you out on the road.

Doug Jones (President GRTC)

(Admin Note: All Freezeroo races start at 10 a.m., except the Valentine’s race, which starts at 9 a.m. However, if you race at a slower pace than an 11-minute mile, we offer a 30-minute head start at each race this year. If you plan to take advantage of the early start, be there in time to get your bib, if needed, check in, and warm up before the early start commences.)