GRTC President’s Letter 8.1.21

Let’s face it. You HAVE to love summer if you are a runner. This is the best time to get out and enjoy upstate New York. Several successful GRTC events have taken place already and we are looking forward to more in the future. Our annual “Spring” Running Clinic in Fairport finished in early July and was a great time for all. As a sequel we start this Wednesday with our first “fall” running clinic. Details are below but we are offering this time (for the first time) for anyone who is on the fence to come the first night free and check it out. If you like what you see, you can then sign up for the remaining weeks. Come on and join us in Fairport. What have you got to lose! And think of what you have to gain.

Our first GRTC membership picnic at Mendon Ponds on 7/24 was a great success and fun day. The weather cooperated nicely. Food and fellowship were good, and Shea Coleman lead us on a 4-mile fun run at 11:00. It was a great time to celebrate GRTC and running in Rochester. Excellent food was supplied by ROC City Sammich. Some historical perspective on GRTC by Gregg Brooks added to the event, as well as awards for the Terrain Trio race series. Thanks again to Joe Tally, RE/MAX realtors and Premium Mortgage who supported the event. A significant donation from the proceeds went to the Golisano Children’s Hospital.

Our new Terrain Trio virtual series in June, put together by Martha Doody, finished well. The awards for that were given out at our picnic on 7/24. Ted Thull was the overall winner for males and Jennifer Gaudino for females. A good showing by 2 of our board members. Martha Doody is already making plans to convert this to an in-person version for 2022. She is also directing the Bound for the Hounds 6 hour ultra below which will be on 11/20/21 in Shortsville. Stay tuned for the details.

The Candlelight 12 took place on 7/17. The weather did NOT cooperate that night, but runners still came, competed, and had a good, if rainy and muddy, time. The EquiCenter once again was a good supportive partner in facilitating this event. For those ultra-distance enthusiasts who may have missed Candlelight12, a rescheduled Mind the Ducks 12-hour daylight ultra will go forward in Webster on 9.4.21. It is a daytime 12-hour version consisting similarly of laps of a one-mile course. For those new to ultras, Mind the Ducks will give you an opportunity to try your hand at an ultra-distance experience in a controlled environment. You WILL be surprised how much fun this is. HOW fast and HOW far you go is entirely up to YOU. You’ll be in sight of other runners at EVERY point. You CAN’T get lost. And there IS a bathroom and fully stocked aid station every mile! Guaranteed!! You won’t regret it.

The Can Lake 50mile/50K/MiniCan25K will also go forward on 10/9/21 in Canandaigua. A more traditional road ultra, the full 50-mile course takes one completely around beautiful Canandaigua Lake. It’s always a fun event. If you are a long distance devote, pick up your training now. The 50K and 25K also give small “bites” of the ultra-experience along the same beautiful course.

And again, Bound for the Hounds 6 hour Ultra will be on 11/20/21 in Shortsville. Sign up for all the GRTC ultra races today.

Mind the Ducks:



And starting this Wednesday night 8/4/21 we will host a BRAND NEW FALL RUNNING CLINIC. Its format will be different from but complementary to our traditional spring track/running clinic. Each of the 7 weeks of the program as outlined below will focus on another type of running. Each session will have a didactic component as well as running component appropriate to the topic.  Overall, the clinic will cover a variety of aspects of our sport with important information and training for every runner. This program will again be coached by Mike Reif and Carolyn Smith-Hanna of the Genesee Valley Harriers. The cost for the 7 weeks will be a modest $45 for GRTC members and $65 for non-members (who get back that extra $20 value as a one-year GRTC membership). If you are “on the fence” this year we are also offering the option to come the first night free and check it out. If you like what you see you can sign up then for the remaining weeks.

If you HAVE NOT been to one of our clinics before this is a great way to “kick start” your training for this fall’s in-person running season and winter Freezeroo series. If you HAVE done our clinics before, the new format will add to your training and knowledge. And as always, the clinic is a fun way to spend time with friends, enjoy our sport and meet new runners in the community. 

Location: Center Park in Fairport (off Ayrault Road) 
Time: Wednesday nights 5:45 to 8:00 pm
Dates: 8/4-9/15/21

  • 8/4:  Overview and history of Training/Racing options. Run for fun/fitness, trails, cross country, indoor track, outdoor track, triathlons, road racing, ultras, adventure runs, and more.
  • 8/11: Cross Country Running
  • 8/18: Track races: 800m, mile, 3K, 5K
  • 8/25: Trail running
  • 9/1:   Running your best marathon/ultra-marathon
  • 9/8:   Racing strategies that work
  • 9/15: Culminating/wrap up event

With the many GRTC options above, there is no excuse not to get your season off and running. Sign up today for the new GRTC fall running clinic starting 8/4 and be ready for the fall and winter in person race offerings in our area. Check out our GRTC ultra-race offerings. And get ready for our planned 2021/22 GRTC Freezeroo series. Rochester remains a great place to live and has a truly fantastic running community. Make the most of it with our GRTC offerings. See you out on the road.

Doug Jones (President GRTC)

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