OK. I’m officially tired of COVID (and maybe talking about it). It’s caused a lot of personal casualties across the nation and also “casualties” in the availability of “real” races in our area. Our in-person GRTC track clinic this year DID come off well (check out Vickey Beaver’s videos of the “final exam” one-mile race on our web page). However, our CanLake50 in person event fell to the Ax of the permit process last month, when Ontario County was unwilling to allow us use of FLCC. We do though have some encouraging signs that the Freezeroo series may be feasible (stay tuned for how this plays out over the next 6 weeks or so). There are still multiple virtual events out there and now a few in person events also going forward (see below) with COVID precautions and wave starts. This may hopefully be the first light at the end of a long tunnel. 


But if COVID can take down races it cannot take down runners. There seem to be more people out there than ever in spite of the weather pushing toward the colder and darker months. With such changes we would encourage all to get out the headlamps for early morning runs as well as cool weather clothing, reflective gear and shoes with good traction. It may be time to reassess your “equipment” and get down to your favorite running store to restock with what you will need for safe running this winter season. Run well but also run safe. 

Recapping in person racing options (and one virtual) please consider the following races coming up, as well as the below running offerings from the local stores:

10/10.20: ROCtoberfest 5K sponsored by Fleet Feet 

Wave starts begin at 9:00 AM at Genesee Valley Park


10/10 to 10.12/20: Genesee Land Trust Virtual 5K: (VIRTUAL RACE)

Sponsored by Genesee land Trust/Medved


10/17/20: “Toughest 5K between the ADKS and the Rockies” sponsored by Bristol Mountain

1200 foot incline in the first mile, “then it’s all downhill” (!)

Bristol Mountain: Wave starts between 7:45 and 9:45



ROCHESTER RUNNING COMPANY: RRC has restarted their in-person group runs. Please check out the details on the RRC website/face book page: https://www.rochesterrunning.com/ Options include the following: 

Monday 6:15 pm: canal path runs from Lock 32 Brewing in Pittsford

Tuesday 6:00 pm: Speed work starting at RRC site

Wednesday 6:00 pm: Beer run starting at RRC site (Beer Market option post run)

Saturday 7:30-8:00 am: Paced group runs at RRC site

FLEET FEET: Also restarting a number of in person options with prior registration/limited numbers for some. Check their website for details of each. https://www.fleetfeet.com/s/rochester/locations/culver

Thursdays 7:00 pm: “Trails and Ales” at Victor Store. 3 miles. Limited to 20 people. Beer option.

Saturdays: Paced workouts restarted. Pace groups capped at 10. Preregistration needed. 

Dirt cheap series: 11/13, 11/14, 11/15


11/26/20 (Thanksgiving day): The feast 2&5 mile (Virtual)


Check Medved website and facebook for upcoming events and group runs.                      https://www.medvedrunwalk.com/

As I have said before, 2020 has been an “interesting” year, and one that none of us want to repeat. Our region in general has NOT done badly with COVID because of our collective diligence with social distance, mask use, COVID precautions and common sense. Keeping up with these approaches remains our best strategy for coming out of the pandemic and returning to some semblance of normal. The running community still has challenges ahead of it but we WILL eventually come out of this, stronger as individuals and runners. As always, come join (or renew your membership in) GRTC.  A modest $20 yearly membership goes a long way to keeping our sport vibrant and maintaining running events and opportunities for all. In the meantime, keep running. See you at one of the activities/groups above and out on the road (6 feet apart).

Doug Jones (President GRTC)

GRTC Membership: https://runsignup.com/Club/NY/Rochester/GreaterRochesterTrackClub