Wow! WHAT a year 2020 has been! COVID has changed our patterns of life in so many ways for so many people. Running has also been affected but runners, resilient in nature, and the running community as a whole have kept us all going. Virtual races and events, social media communication and just small group and solo running has flourished. I personally have worn out more running shoes in the last 3 months than usual and have enjoyed every moment of it. The beauty of summer weather is that this was easier than had it been 8 inches of snow. The rest of the country aside, upstate NY continues to steadily, and so far successfully open up. Thanks goes (I believe) to our diligence with social distancing and hygiene.

Following that trend forward we as a community and GRTC specifically have a shot at booting up some in person activities in the coming future. We have reviewed the national protocols for COVID safety from Road Runners Club of America, USATF, CDC, New York State and Monroe County. Based on their suggestions we have set up our own protocols to keep everyone as safe as possible. With those precautions planned, join us with the “reboot” of the following activities.

GRTC 2020 RUNNING CLINIC STARTS 8/5/20: With the start only a few days away on 8/5/20 it is still not too late to sign up for our yearly 7-week program. If you’ve been feeling “cooped up” all summer this is your chance to break out! This year’s clinic will take place at Center Park in Fairport (1100 Ayrault road adjacent to the Perinton Recreation Center). We plan on keeping all protocols for COVID safety in place for everyone’s protection but we are committed to a great experience for all (maybe new and better in some aspects). As in the past we will meet each week at 5:45. We will have a ½ hour didactic session, followed by warm up drills, the structured individual specific training runs, and then cool down and group stretching. We should be wrapped up each time at 8:00 pm. We still have open slots but will cap at 50 to meet COVID reopening regulations. Signup is open as below on runsignup. See you there.

CANLAKE50 WILL GO FORWARD 10/10/20: It’s also great to announce that CanLake50 is going forward for 2020. Based also on expected COVID trends continuing, we have reopened registration for this premier local endurance race. Chose from 50 mile and 50K options (25K eliminated this year) for in person running. The 50 mile is a beautiful course with panorama views of Canandaigua lake. YOU GET TO SEE IT ALL! If you’ve never done an ultra before, the 50K option is also a great place for “dipping your foot in the water”. The course is well supported throughout. You won’t get lost, be lonely or out of range for aid. It’s the nature of the event for runners to be spread out on the course, making COVID exposure and continuous mask use less of a concern. For those still concerned about in person group activity there will be virtual options for all distances that day including the “shorter” 25K distance. Check out the details at the CanLake50 signup site below. Come and join us that day in person or virtually for a beautiful fall event.

Going forward we are also encouraged that the fall will bring back RROY races, the Freezeroo series and of course our banquet in the winter. It’s been an “interesting” year, and as I have said before, perhaps one that none of us want to repeat. We do though expect to come out of it stronger as individuals and as a club. See you out on the road (6 feet apart).

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Doug Jones
President GRTC