Boooo………………..….Halloween is behind us now, but you don’t have to be afraid of the coming winter. We have just finished some of the best fall running weather we could have imagined and have seen some great activities for GRTC. The RROY series has pushed forward this past month with The Finish Strong 15K on 10/12/19 and the Scare Brain Cancer away 5K on 10/19/19. The Can Lakes 50 on 10/12/19 finished our ultras series for 2019 and was a rousing success. Under Gil Robs’ supervision it was again a fun event for all who braved the multiple distances. If you have never run ultra distance races before, you should definitely put this event on your calendar for next year right now. The GRTC sponsored RROY series will also soon wrap up this year’s series with The Grocery Run 5K on 11/2/19 and finally the Race with Grace 10K on 11/28. 2019 has been a good year for GRTC.

But don’t despair for running in the cold months ahead. Incredibly it’s also almost time for the start of our winter race series (and signup is active now). The Freezeroo remains one of the long-established values of GRTC membership and a favorite of individuals and the running community. It is definitely an important way to keep us all running together and connected through the long upstate New York winter. The dates and courses below give a variety of distances for all levels.  Series awards will be given out at the White House Race on 1/25/20. Sign up now for the whole series. Come out to enjoy the runs and get on the podium at the White House run in February.

And if you are looking forward to the Freezeroo series as a way to maintain running contacts through the cold months, don’t forget to sign up for the Annual GRTC Banquet on 1/25/20 at the Burgundy Basin Inn. We will be giving out the RROY awards and recognizing club members in many areas.  This year we will especially Honor the late Bill Kehoe for his long-standing support of the Rochester running community. Come out for dinner, drinks and comradery with other runners that doesn’t exist elsewhere. If you have never been to the banquet (or have not come out recently) come and find out what a fun event this can be.

Again, the cold weather is coming but so are great running events and activities. Don’t crawl inside and be a “treadmill junky” for this season. Come out for the RROY races, the Freezeroo and the banquet. Come discover the true fun of cold weather running in Rochester. You’ll be glad you did.

Freezeroo Series 2019/2020

  • 12/14/19. Don Curran Memorial 5K race at North Star Christian Academy in Gates
  • 1/1/20. New Year’s Resolution 7.5 mile race at Mendon Ponds Park
  • 1/11/20. Pineway Ponds 5 mile race from Pineway Ponds Park in Spencerport
  • 1/25/20. Hearnish 5 mile race from Victor Municipal Park
  • 2/8/20. Valentines 8 mile race from Braddock Bay Park (9:00 AM START!)
  • 2/22/20. White House 4.4 mile race from Webster Park

And as always, if you want to continue to have opportunities for running in the Rochester region, come join (or renew your membership in) GRTC. We have a place for you.  A modest $20 yearly membership goes a long way to keeping our sport vibrant and maintaining running events and opportunities for all. See you out on the road.

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Doug Jones
President GRTC