Wow. Could summer weather have come any earlier? 80 degree days have been the norm for the last week. Just in time for some relaxation of some of the COVID regulations. Our annual Spring Running Clinic in Fairport is in its third week and going well. The Lilac 5K/10K just successfully opened the in-person racing season. GRTC, under the diligence and leadership of Wilt Alston, provided the volunteers to make this happen. Scanning the horizon, several in-person running options will be coming “on line” in the next couple months. Check our website and the websites of the major running stores for options. For GRTC itself, we have the below options for your summer running pleasure.
For June, our new 3-race virtual series, the “Terrain Trio”, will allow for running a varied selection of distances and surfaces. Run between 6/13 and 7/4/21, it will include a 1600meter course on a local track of your choice, a 5K trail race course at Mendon Ponds Park and a 10K “road” race course on an out and back section of the Erie canal path between Fairport and Bushnell’s basin. One can sign up for events individually for $15 or for the 3 event “Trifecta” series at a discounted price of $40. Results can be submitted with Garmin or Strava data. Importantly, Terrain Trio Trifecta participants who sign up for and attend our picnic (below) will be reimbursed the picnic cost. So……….sign up for the Terrain Trio today! This promises to be a great series which we hope may evolve into an in-person “traditional” race format in the future.…/GRTCsTerrainTrioVirtualSeries
For July we are hosting our first (annual?) in-person membership picnic at Mendon Ponds Park at the Canfield Woods shelter on 7/24/21. We plan on starting off the event with an in-person fun run at 11:00, followed by a delicious lunch catered by Roc City Sammich and a good time socializing together. We will also present awards at 1:00 for the winners of the Terrain Trio. The cost is $15. Importantly though, the first 50 active GRTC members who sign up and come to the picnic will have their cost reimbursed, courtesy of Joe Tally and RE/MAX realtors. All who sign up for the Terrain Trio Trifecta and come to the picnic will also be reimbursed. Non members who sign up for the picnic at $15 will get a year’s GRTC membership, a $20 value. Any profits remaining from the event will also go entirely as donation to the Golisano Children’s Hospital. So…. there is really no reason not to sign up today. See you there on 7/24.
And for the ultra-distance enthusiasts, welcome back. Start ramping up your training now! After a year of COVID hiatus, we are back on for 2021 with our GRTC ultra-race series spread over 4 months. The Candlelight 12 overnight ultra and relays will take place on 7.17.21 at the EquiCenter in Honeoye Falls. A rescheduled Mind the Ducks 12 hour daylight ultra will go forward in Webster on 9.4.21. The Can Lake 50mile/50K/MiniCan25K will go forward on 10.9.21 in Canandaigua. For those new to ultras, Candlelight 12 and Mind the Ducks give you an opportunity to try your hand at an ultra distance experience in a controlled environment. You WILL be surprised how much fun this is. HOW fast and HOW far you go is entirely up to YOU. You’ll be in sight of other runners at EVERY point. You CAN’T get lost. And there IS a bathroom and fully stocked aid station every mile! Guaranteed. You won’t regret it. Sign up for the GRTC ultra races today.
Mind the Ducks:
Well, what can one say about weather like this in Rochester except to get out and enjoy it. With the GRTC options above, there is no excuse not to get your season off and running. Put 7/24 on your calendar for our new membership picnic at Mendon Ponds Park. The first 50 GRTC members who sign up and come to the picnic will be reimbursed the cost, so don’t delay. Sign up now for the new Terrain Trio series in June, and you may be on the podium when awards are given out at the picnic. Terrain Trio Trifecta participants who sign up for and attend he picnic will also be reimbursed the picnic cost. To round out your summer sign up for one or (even better) ALL of the GRTC ultra series. With warm weather this early, we can expect a long season of the running climate that makes Rochester a great place to live. Make the most of it and be thankful that COVID is loosening its grip. See you out on the road.
Doug Jones (President GRTC)