Dear Members and GRRC Followers:

I hope your spring is off to a good start and you don’t get duped by too many “April Fool’s Day” pranks and jokes today. This letter doesn’t have any of that (Gil might have gotten one on the GRRC Facebook page, though…). It does recap March activity and highlights upcoming GRRC-related races, events, and volunteer opportunities.

Freezeroo Penguin with race sign (middle) standing between Pres. Vickey Beaver (left) and Member Jana McCutchan (right) at Runnin' of the Green 2024.

President Vickey Beaver (L), Freezeroo Penguin (M), Member Jana McCutchan (R) at Runnin’ of the Green, March 16, 2024. Taken by Tina Ruhland.

March Recap

Last month saw the start of the Rochester Runner of the Year Series (RROY) with another great showing for the kickoff race, Runnin’ of the Green, directed by Jonathan Griffiths of Rochester Running Company. Tina Ruhland grabbed some shots on the course while keeping the Freezeroo Penguin company. Thanks to them both for cheering and advertising there are nine months to the next Freezeroo series!

Coming Events (April to May)


4/24 to 6/5 (6/7 with the race)
GRRC Spring Track Clinic Kickoff

Our classic 7-week clinic is led by Hall of Famers Michael Reif and Carolyn Smith-Hanna. The pair provide a wide range of information from the nitty gritty of the body’s response to running to a historical perspective of what gains are possible with dedicated training to dynamic workouts and guest speakers. Registration includes the McMullen Mile, a RROY race. Sign up at The summer clinic follows on the west side, running July 22 to September 9.


Mind the Ducks, directed by Gil Robbs, is a GRRC ultramarathon experience in Webster. Whether you get a few laps of slightly more than a mile done or aim for a true ultramarathon (anything more than 26.2 miles), it’s a well-supported race where you can set up a personal aid station, enjoy the plentiful options at the race aid station, and take in the sights of fellow racers doing their best for up to twelve hours. See complete details at

The next RROY race is the Lilac 10K, directed by Allie Thut and Mike Samarji, in Rochester. While the Lilac Festival offers a 5K as well, it is not part of RROY. However, the two are scheduled with enough time between them that ambitious racers have done the pair in the past. There’s even a 1-mile event, Dunkin’ Dash, after those. Register at

We are happy to welcome back Sunset House 5K in Irondequoit (, directed by Patti Carter-Morrison. Similarly, it offers a walk, which is not part of RROY, as well as the 5K race that is.


RROY in General – We encourage members and followers to consider helping RROY races when the races are looking. Every event is different, but volunteering for them offers one universal experience: the feeling of having contributed to the running community.

Mind the Ducks – Jim Moragne, Aid Station Captain, is looking for folks to help throughout the day (6 a.m. to 8 p.m.) on 5/11. He’s also looking for someone to be a co-captain to learn the ropes and handle the mid-afternoon through closing responsibilities and meet up to transfer supplies the next day. Contact him at to let him know what time/hours you’d like to do and if you’d like to be his co-captain.

Lilac – GRRC is again hosting the May 19th Lilac 10K water stop at Highland and Hemingway. If you are interested in volunteering for that, contact me directly at (not replying to this message). We need three more volunteers. Since our usual captain, Jim Moragne, is filling a pre- and post-race helper role and can’t be in two places at once, I’ll be the point person for the GRRC water stop. If you’d like to be a road marshal or help out at packet pick-up, contact the race directly through their volunteer sign-up link:

GRRC – We are an all-volunteer organization. Members are encouraged to consider helping on short-term and long-term activities. Our 4/3 board meeting includes an agenda item to help flesh out what direction we could go with such things and how they would work. We’ve previously discussed the need for people to help with or do the following:

–            Treasurer in Training (requires board membership, succeeds Jim Moragne)
–            Equipment Manager (succeeds Jim Moragne)
–            Freezeroo Helpers
–            Marketing
–            Website
–            Social Media
–            Special Events (Banquet, Picnic, etc.)
–            Outreach

Thank you for being a member or being interested enough to follow us in email and social media. Members can renew before their membership lapses and followers can become members by registering at Membership dues are used to support our technology needs, storage unit, administrative costs, and more. In return, you get a warm fuzzy for supporting our non-profit organization. Oh, and you get discounts to RROY races, special offers seen only through our outreach channels, discounts to GRRC-run races, access to RIT gym memberships, and occasional discounts from others.

See you out there!

Vickey Beaver,
GRRC President