In any other year, the GRTC’s membership numbers would have been climbing for the last couple of months as members were reminded to renew as they signed up for the Freezeroo Series. Well, we all know it is not an ordinary year, and as we are not going to have a Series this season to jog those memories, we thought perhaps a dues discount and a gear sale might do the trick.

Starting Christmas Day and through January 31st, member dues will be reduced. A one-year membership will be $15 single and $25 family (saving $5). A three- year membership will be $40 single and $60 family (saving $10). Anyone renewing or joining from Christmas through the end of 2021 will also get the club’s nifty new bumper sticker. Renew here:


In addition, if you already did not know, the club has a nice line of GRTC clothing and gear in an online catalog. From Christmas Day through January 31st, you can buy stuff at the club’s cost. Just enter the code “FAM6f9a895” (without parentheses) when prompted. This is a great chance to get some nice GRTC logo gear and support the club by wearing it about and about.  Start shopping here:


Any questions, please email Thanks!