Hello!  These are your Rochester Runner of the Year rankings for 2023 through the Potato Run.  There are 3 races left at this point, the next being the Scare Brain Cancer 5K on this Saturday.  Scoring is being done differently this year, and is similar to Freezeroo scoring.  Everyone gets points in races they participate in, based off of the time of the fastest runner in their age group, and the fastest runners overall.

RROY2023_Female RROY2023_RROY2023_MaleRROY2023 

Female_19_and_under RROY2023_Female_20_24 RROY2023_Female_25_29 RROY2023_Female_30_34 RROY2023_Female_35_39 RROY2023_Female_40_44 RROY2023_Female_45_49 RROY2023_Female_50_54 RROY2023_Female_55_59 RROY2023_Female_60_64 RROY2023_Female_65_69 RROY2023_Female_70_74 RROY2023_Female_75_79 _Male_19_and_under RROY2023_Male_20_24 RROY2023_Male_25_29 RROY2023_Male_30_34 RROY2023_Male_35_39 RROY2023_Male_40_44 RROY2023_Male_45_49 RROY2023_Male_50_54 RROY2023_Male_55_59 RROY2023_Male_60_64 RROY2023_Male_65_69 RROY2023_Male_70_74 RROY2023_Male_75_79 RROY2023_Male_80_84 RROY2023_Male_85_89