Wow. How CAN it be Labor Day already?  Summer has given us great weather for running (if most of it solo) and so far the fall looks like it will follow that pattern too. COVID has of course been a challenge with most in person events cancelled for many months. The RROY series itself has been cancelled as individual races could not obtain permits and meet protocol requirements for large events. Happily, with everyone’s diligence in taking COVID precautions seriously, our state and area are doing well. In person events are therefore starting to reappear as below. If you have not checked out local websites for what is available, I would encourage you to do so now. Importantly, the “new normal” calls for continuing COVID precautions for the foreseeable future. All the running options below require masks before and after running, social distancing throughout and the numerous contact precautions we have all gotten used to. We encourage everyone to follow the protocols requested for each event for everyone’s safety. 

GRTC 2020 RUNNING CLINIC started 8/5/20: GRTC’s first COVID era in person event, our annual 7-week GRTC running clinic, is going on now. It’s about halfway through with 25 people training Wednesday nights at Center Park in Fairport. Everyone is having a great time under the coaching of Mike Reif and Carolyn Smith-Hanna. The fun, training and chance to be together in person have been great. If you missed it this year put this on your calendar for 2021 (location and dates of course to be determined). 

CANLAKE50 10/10/20: Based also on expected COVID trends continuing, we have reopened registration for this premier local endurance race. Choose from 50 mile and 50 K options (25 K eliminated this year) for in person running. The 50 mile is a beautiful course with panorama views of Canandaigua lake. YOU GET TO SEE IT ALL! If you’ve never done an ultra before, the 50 K option is also a great place for “dipping your foot in the water”. The course is well supported throughout. You won’t get lost, be lonely or out of range for aid. It’s the nature of the event for runners to be spread out on the course, making COVID exposure and continuous mask use less of a concern. For those still concerned about in person group activity there will be virtual options for all distances that day including the “shorter” 25K distance. Check out the details at the CanLake50 signup site below.  Come and join us that day in person or virtually for a beautiful fall event. 

ROCHESTER RUNNING COMPANY: RRC has restarted their in-person group runs. Please check out the details on the RRC website/face book page: Options include the following:

               Monday 6:15 pm: canal path runs from Lock 32 Brewing in Pittsford

               Tuesday 6:00 pm: Speed work starting at RRC site

               Wednesday 6:00 pm: Beer run starting at RRC site (Beer Market option post run)

               Saturday 7:30-8:00 am: Paced group runs at RRC site


FLEET FEET: Also restarting a number of in person options with prior registration/limited numbers for some. Check their website for details of each:

               Wednesday 9/9/20 4-6:00 pm:  In person Dirt Cheap race. Mendon Ponds. COMING UP SOON!

               Thursdays 7:00 pm: “Trails and Ales” at Victor Store. 3 miles. Limited to 20 people. Beer option.

               Saturdays: Paced workouts restarted. Pace groups capped at 10. Preregistration needed.      

GRTC FREEZEROO: Going forward, we remain hopeful yet that the Freezeroo series will go forward, though there remain questions of format and whether the size of the races presents a problem. It will all depend on local regulations, permits and the status of COVID. Stay tuned and we will let you know. 

As I have said before, 2020 has been an “interesting” year, and one that none of us want to repeat. The running community still has challenges ahead of it and we are still developing a “new normal” of how we can run together and put on events and races. We WILL eventually come out of this, stronger as individuals and as a club. And as always, come join (or renew your membership in) GRTC.  A modest $20 yearly membership goes a long way to keeping our sport vibrant and maintaining running events and opportunities for all. In the meantime, keep running. See you at one of the activities above and out on the road (6 feet apart). 

Doug Jones (President GRTC) 

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